Alex Kimonides

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Alexandra Kimonides

Her journey to better her art continued, as she also studied under Lesley Sinclair at the artistic community in Montsalvat. At this time Alex’s art was inspired by real objects and figures, painting still lifes, landscapes, portraits and life drawings.

Her time during Art College (PIT now RMIT), where she did a three year Fine Arts Degree, a fourth year of teacher training and a further two years of industrial experience was instrumental in shaping her as an artist. During her time at PIT, she was taught and mentored by some famous artists such as Peter Booth and Dale Hickey. The famous performance artist Stelarc, was a high school classmate.

As a result of her training and teaching Alexandra has become quite prolific and versatile enabling her to produce anything from classical/realistic to abstract works. What she produces at any one time depends on what the intention is. Some of the works produced are the result of demonstration pieces for her students, while variations in styles and art mediums reflect the needs of each individual. This often requires a great deal of experimentation which can also result in some finished pieces. When Alexandra makes art for herself it is generally based around a single style or theme for several months or even years.