Frequently Asked Questions

Can I view the actual works?

Sure, to view in person, click here to book a viewing or call us on +61 438 438 673 to discuss. Bear in mind that COVID 19 safe distancing and other safety measures are in force as appropriate.

Can I meet the artist?

We’re happy to connect you with the artist by telephone or email if you have specific questions regarding an artwork, purchase or price.

Are prices as marked or negotiable?

Prices are fair and as marked, however, in some instances, offers will be considered. Complete the general enquiries form by clicking here to leave your details or offer.

Can I commission an artwork? 

Sure, please complete the form  by clicking here and we’ll have the artist contact you directly.

How are artworks priced?

The value placed on an artwork depends on a number of factors. Generally speaking, the process of pricing an artwork involves consideration of the level of expertise, the artist’s formal qualifications in the field, years of experience, past sale prices, hours of work, size, medium, level of complexity, demand and reputation. 

Akin to a sporting great who can set their income, an in-demand artist, regardless of how they made their mark, can name their price. For instance, a work produced in just minutes by a sought after artist could still fetch a high price.

Do you deliver? Or do I need to pick up?

Ideally you would arrange collection after full payment, however, we will deliver at a cost, including insurance to cover any damage or loss.

If I take an artwork home and it doesn’t suit, what can I do?

We urge you measure your space and seek advice before committing to a purchase. In the event that you change your mind, we will offer a credit to exchange for another artwork at the same price or higher.

Any cost difference above the cost of the painting will need to be paid in full before an exchange takes place. If the artwork being returned is damaged, no exchange will be possible.

How do I pay?

You can choose the payment options after adding a painting to the cart. We currently offer EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) and PayPal. Further details will be provided at the checkout. Alternatively, you can pay Cash in full on collection of your artwork(s).

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Alexandra Kimonides

Her journey to better her art continued, as she also studied under Lesley Sinclair at the artistic community in Montsalvat. At this time Alex’s art was inspired by real objects and figures, painting still lifes, landscapes, portraits and life drawings.

Her time during Art College (PIT now RMIT), where she did a three year Fine Arts Degree, a fourth year of teacher training and a further two years of industrial experience was instrumental in shaping her as an artist. During her time at PIT, she was taught and mentored by some famous artists such as Peter Booth and Dale Hickey. The famous performance artist Stelarc, was a high school classmate.

As a result of her training and teaching Alexandra has become quite prolific and versatile enabling her to produce anything from classical/realistic to abstract works. What she produces at any one time depends on what the intention is. Some of the works produced are the result of demonstration pieces for her students, while variations in styles and art mediums reflect the needs of each individual. This often requires a great deal of experimentation which can also result in some finished pieces. When Alexandra makes art for herself it is generally based around a single style or theme for several months or even years.